Hello, Meet Star!

Pup- Scout


Star is a Pup-Scout, Canine Good Citizen, and a Therapy dog in training. She is the face and the inspiration behind "Dogcipline"

In 2013 Vanessa locked  eyes with the sweetest little Pitbull terrier she’d ever seen when it was unexpectedly placed in her arms, little did she know that her life would change fur-ever. If Vanessa hadn’t witnessed a very close friend of hers who was also petite and who owned a larger than life Pit bull, she may have looked vehemently to find another home for this little Pit bull puppy, because up until Vanessa observed the love, affection and unmeasurable  loyalty of the breed through her friend’s relationship with her Pit bull, Vanessa had bought into the hysteria of fear and bad publicity that the media has broadcasted around the world on Pit bull dogs and any breed that  resembles them. Naturally objective, Vanessa had educated herself on Pit bull’s and many other breeds by researching statistics, and observing body language. Since Vanessa knows that love has no labels, that all living things should be judged on their individual merits, and the fact  that it was love at first sight, she made the decision to parent the little blue nose puppy. Recognizing the tiny pups captivating  personality and performance qualities, she naturally named her  “Star”! Being a Pit bull parent while being fully aware of the stigma  attached to the breed, steered Vanessa on a journey that would be the  creation of “Dogcipline Inc.”  Dogcipline is a place that doesn't discriminate against the breed. Each dog will go through temperament testing and it's based on the individual dog itself.

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"When I grow up"

Love at first sight


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